Our Friends


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Thane Palmberg // De Soto, Kansas

John Gordon Jr. // Boys Grow Corp. // Kansas City, Missouri

Deb & Jim Crum // Crum’s Heirlooms // Bonner Springs, Kansas

Greg & Jennifer Garbos // City Bitty Farm // Kansas City, Missouri

Sarah Hoffman // Green Dirt Farms // Weston, Missouri

Linda Hezel // Prairie Birthday Farm // Kearney, Missouri

Joey Carr & Chris DiGirolamo // Missing Ingredient // Kansas City, Missouri

Kate Johnson // Roots, Fruits and Greens Farm // Easton, Kansas

Callene Rapp // Rare Hare Barn // Leon, Kansas

Jim & Alex Wood // Wood Mood Gardens // Higginsville, Missouri

Carol & Jay Maddick // Campo Lindo Farms // Lathrop, Missouri

Neil Rudisill & Lisa Hummel // Woodland City KC // Kansas City, Missouri

Gail Fuller & Lynnette Miller // Fuller Farms // Emporia, Kansas


Boulevard Brewing Company // Kansas City, Missouri

J. Rieger & Co. // Kansas City, Missouri

Farm to Market Bread Co. // Kansas City, Missouri

Thou Mayest // Kansas City, Missouri

Paradise Locker Meats // Trimble, Missouri

Burger’s Smokehouse // California, Missouri


Dan Brewer // Arbuckle Sign Co. // Outdoor Painted Mural & Sign

Ryan Haralson // Mural/Private Dining Room

Linda Hezel // Tablescapes

Peter Warren // Communal Tables & Lighting – Private Dining Room

Trey Bryan, Bruce Burstert, Linda Hezel // Local Artwork